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Wedding Venues And What To Look For

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Getting engaged with that Orla James 9 Carat Ring is wonderful but as soon as the “engagement period” wears off wedding mania kicks in. The newly-weds to be’s lives are consumed by planning and preparation and their life is pretty much one big ball of stress. But why? Because a wedding day is meant to be perfect and to reach that stage it needs to be planned down to a T. So let the marital journey begin.

One of the most difficult tasks when planning a wedding is finding the right venue. It’s easy to go round and look and it’s even easier to probably fall in love with a venue at first sight. However there are some things you might need to consider.


It may not be the most romantic thing to talk about but logistics really does matter. You can’t just pick any old place when it comes down to booking your perfect day. The importance is in the details. Knowing the basic information at first will make the whole planning process much easier and will help you to understand whether the venue itself will work.

Visit The Venue At The Right Time

It is always a good idea to visit the venue at a time that reflects the date and time you want for your wedding. This way you’ll get a feel for how your venue will be on the day. It also means that you can observe any problems and solve them so that your perfect wedding day is problem free.

Confirm The Level Of Service

This is extremely important.  You must check whether the venue offers full service. Full service means everything is provided, like decoration etc. However without full service you are simply just hiring a blank space. There is nothing worse than thinking you are getting a fully decorated room and getting just the floorboards.

Find Your Theme

All though this may seem like the least important part of your planning stage it’s every bit as important as the rest. Knowing the style and theme you want for your wedding goes a long way with helping to choose a location and venue.



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