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Top 10 Wedding Necessities

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The non-stop planning, preparing, adjustments and polishing until your wedding day comes can make anyone, even a person with a very good memory, become forgetful about things that are actually second nature to you. So before you find yourself panicking over things that you should’ve brought or settled, take some time to read this.   


1.Clothes For The Next Day


If you feel comfortable having coffee the morning after your wedding in gown or tuxedo, by all means forget about this. But chances are you don’t so make sure your bags are packed ahead of time to avoid having to make do with bathrobes or having to pay someone to shop for you early in the morning. 


2.Safety Pins


A lot of safety pins. You’d be surprised with how much wardrobe malfunctions can happen in one day, especially when that day is your wedding and everything is supposed to be perfect. 




Your big day will feel like it lasted for only a couple of minutes when you reminisce about it. But while it is happening, it actually takes an entire day and could stretch until wee hours. The fresh makeup that was applied on your face won’t be as fresh after a couple of hours, you’ll need to retouch so it’s best to keep your kit on easy access. 


4.Meals For The Vendors


You and your guest aren’t the only ones born with stomach that gets hungry especially in a long day such as weddings. Make sure that each person who worked so hard to make your big day happen gets fed. 


5.Tech Chargers


Gadgets needs chargers when their battery runs low, you know that. But during times like these it’s easy to forget about it and just grab the gadget. Include it in your must-haves to prevent instances where you have to ask around for chargers when you need it.




Okay, this one is probably not as crucial as your marriage license, but you promised you’d have something different for your wedding. So make sure you booked a photobooth early so you can surprise everyone with a fun entertainment aside from the good old band everybody hires in town during weddings.    


7.Passport And Identification


You don’t magically get transported to your honeymoon destination. You will have to travel like normal people, and for that you will need passport and identification. Unless you wanna be held at the airport for expired ID card or miss your flight altogether because you forgot your passport, then get these settled a month before.  


8.Pamper party for the bride

Every bride from time to time needs a break, because let's face it a weddings are probably one of the most stressful times a woman can go through. A stressful woman is something no one should have to face, trust me it's terrifying, so for everyone's sake, give the girl a break! Visit Glo pamper to get the ball going.




These days, favors are no longer as necessary. However, it’s something that your guest, who took the time to attend your wedding and celebrate with you, will really appreciate. So you might still wanna consider it.


10.         Your Cool


A lot of mishaps could happen no matter how you plan the day, but it will not help if you start freaking out. Keep your cool, a broken shoe or slightly different flowers than you registered for shouldn’t ruin one of the most important day in your life.












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