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Wedding Venues And What To Look For

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  Getting engaged with that Orla James 9 Carat Ring is wonderful but as soon as the “engagement period” wears off wedding mania kicks in. The newly-weds to be’s lives are consumed by planning and preparation and their life is pretty much one big ball of… more »

Top 10 Wedding Necessities

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  The non-stop planning, preparing, adjustments and polishing until your wedding day comes can make anyone, even a person with a very good memory, become forgetful about things that are actually second nature to you. So before you find yourself… more »

Choosing Your Stag Do Transport

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The stag do is an important event for the groom-to-be. It is the ritual of saying goodbye to being a bachelor. It is typically a night full of laughter and crazy antics. If you are planning to travel to another city for a stag do weekend, you need to… more »

Big Work For Your Big Day!

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    One of the much awaited moments of your life is your wedding, which happens only one day but takes months of preparation to make it all possible.  Surprised? Well, if your beau just proposed, after his heart-stopping proposal and when you’re done… more »

How Photo Booths Add More Fun To Weddings

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A photo booth is a great way to enhance any special occasion. Renting a photo booth for an event is one of the most popular forms of party entertainment.Capturing spontaneous and informal moments add extra fun to celebrations such as birthdays,… more »