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Choosing the Right Wedding Car

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Selecting a wedding car doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few things you could do to get the right one for you.
First, discuss with your partner about what kind of vehicle you prefer to take to your wedding. You may be fond of certain types of cars – pick one and rent/borrow it for the wedding. You can also use a car that you already own. This will save you a lot of money. You only need to decorate it a bit (attach a “Just Married” sign at the back and some flowers all around the car, for example).
If you don’t have ideas for a car yet, look at wedding photos. There are countless of them on the internet. Some of these pictures include the wedding cars. Save those that appeal to you. You may be able to tell what kind of cars are in there; if not, ask someone who can.
Consider the theme of your wedding. Again, you can do an online search about wedding themes and you will spot some that have vehicles in them. If you have a wedding planner, you can request him or her to give recommendations about the right kind of car for your themed wedding.
Talk with rental services. Be warned – telling a car rental service that the vehicle is for a wedding may cause you to be charged extra. If you don’t mind this happening, you can inquire about what vehicles are best for weddings. They’ll give you some tried-and-tested suggestions that will fit your budget.
These are some cars that are commonly used for weddings:
·      Sports cars – Fast cars are exciting and memorable, but you may have to practice going in and out of the vehicle, especially if the seats are low.
·      Vintage cars – These look classic in photos. Make sure that these cars are in good condition, though.
·      Limousines – Luxurious and roomy, but may be expensive.
·      Buses – Interesting and can fit a lot of people, although it may seem to be tacky for some.
Ask married friends and family. They can share with you some tips for selecting a car base on their experiences. They might also be able to give recommendations of rental services.
Once you have a short list of cars or rental services to choose from, do the following:
·      Check the car’s condition. Ensure that it is fully functioning and thoroughly cleaned.
·      Know the agreements for renting. Be clear on what you will be charged for.
·      Choose rental services that are easy to talk with and have a good track record (you may consult online reviews for this). Wedding Cars Bristol look to fit the bill if you're local!

·      Hire a driver who is familiar with using the car
·      Practice using the car – going in and out, posing with it, and the likes

These easy tips will help you simplify the process of selecting a car for your big day.

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