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Wedding Entertainment: Magicians

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Entertainment can be an important factor at your wedding, there may be times when your guests will be waiting around whilst you get your photos done etc, at these times, how can you keep your guests entertained? Magicians.
Magicians can be a great assit to your wedding day, not only can they keep you and your guests entertained with their tricks, but then can bring a real vibe and buzz to your day.

I recently attended a wedding which had magician Nick Crown, who dazzled and amazed me with his magic. He was around after the ceromony at the reception for the whole evening walking round each table introuducing himself before entertaining us with his array of tricks. He became a real talking point on the table, trying to figure out how the hell he actually did that.
A magician at a wedding may not spring to mind at first when planning enterainment at a wedding, however this is something I really think you should consider when you are planning a wedding.

Hen party trends: Pamper Parties

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A Hen party is something every bride and their party look forward to, a  recent trend we've seen at hen parties is the rise of pamper parties.
A pamper party is a great way to relax and receive luxury treatments before your big night out. Companies such as Glo ( specialise in affordable pamper parties, offering a range of packages including massages, pedicures, facials, manicures, hair and makeup amongst others. All the treatments are carried out by professional beauty and massage therapists.
Usually these treatments are done in a Spa, which can be quite costly. Many of these Pamper companies work mobile though, meaning they can come to the comfort of your home, or hotel with all the equipment. The mobile therapist would set up in a room working to a pre-aranged schedule of treatments for you and your guests which in the end should leave you feeling relaxed and glamourous, an ideal pre activity before you hit the town for the big night out.

So if you're planning a hen party then a pamper party is a treat you should seriously consider.

Planning the perfect wedding

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So you're now engaged, hooray! But now what, you've got a wedding to plan and don't know where to start. Well fear not as Whites and Weddings have you covered with our handy guide to planning your big day.
Budget - Work out the budget you relistically have for your Wedding.
Start a scrap book - You won't belive how many decisions you'll need to make, start looking in magazines, blogs ( especially this one!) leaflets for things you both like to help inspire what sort of wedding you want.
Plan your guest list - This can be difficult, espically if you're wanting to keep costs down, start planning out your guest list, organise them with collums for RSVP, contact details and any other important information.
Select a date and book that venue! - You've sorted the budget and got that guest list locked down, now book that venue! Some venues may have massive waiting lists so select your top 3 venues and get booking for your date as early as you can to avoid disapointment.
Research, research, research! - Photographers, entertainment, catering, florists theres lots to research, research into what they do, see examples and go talk to them, you want the perfect day so researching is key.
So you've done all the above and it's 10-8 months before the big day, it doesnt stop here, it's now time to start confirming!
Book the florists - Go and visit your florist of choice, talk about what the theme and colours you've going to have and
Book the photographer - Photographer can be in demand so make sure to get in early and book your desired choice, you don't need to talk specifics this early.
Book the entertainment - This task is quite fun too, go and watch the entertainment / bands you'd like, see how they are with the audience and more importantly you actually like them!
Get the dress - You'll probably need to book 3 fittings for this so need to have plenty of time for this.
Hire Caterers - if your venue does not have caterers in house then you'll need to organise some yourself.
Hire transport - To get you and your guests to the venue!
Purchase the rings - Find the rings you desire, leave more time if you're having customised ones.
Get suited - Make sure the groom, best man and ushers and all suited for the big day.
Plan the wedding cake - chose your baker, talk designs all ready for the day
Book Stag and Hen parties - Usually organised by others, if nothings been talked about then best get reminding.
Final preperations
Reconfirm times - reconfirm with all bookings you've made
Final talk with photographer - sort out what sort of shots you want done.
Pick up dresses / suits
Send final guests list to caterers and venue - typically 72 hours in advance.

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