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Wedding Venues And What To Look For

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Getting engaged with that Orla James 9 Carat Ring is wonderful but as soon as the “engagement period” wears off wedding mania kicks in. The newly-weds to be’s lives are consumed by planning and preparation and their life is pretty much one big ball of stress. But why? Because a wedding day is meant to be perfect and to reach that stage it needs to be planned down to a T. So let the marital journey begin.

One of the most difficult tasks when planning a wedding is finding the right venue. It’s easy to go round and look and it’s even easier to probably fall in love with a venue at first sight. However there are some things you might need to consider.


It may not be the most romantic thing to talk about but logistics really does matter. You can’t just pick any old place when it comes down to booking your perfect day. The importance is in the details. Knowing the basic information at first will make the whole planning process much easier and will help you to understand whether the venue itself will work.

Visit The Venue At The Right Time

It is always a good idea to visit the venue at a time that reflects the date and time you want for your wedding. This way you’ll get a feel for how your venue will be on the day. It also means that you can observe any problems and solve them so that your perfect wedding day is problem free.

Confirm The Level Of Service

This is extremely important.  You must check whether the venue offers full service. Full service means everything is provided, like decoration etc. However without full service you are simply just hiring a blank space. There is nothing worse than thinking you are getting a fully decorated room and getting just the floorboards.

Find Your Theme

All though this may seem like the least important part of your planning stage it’s every bit as important as the rest. Knowing the style and theme you want for your wedding goes a long way with helping to choose a location and venue.



Top 10 Wedding Necessities

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The non-stop planning, preparing, adjustments and polishing until your wedding day comes can make anyone, even a person with a very good memory, become forgetful about things that are actually second nature to you. So before you find yourself panicking over things that you should’ve brought or settled, take some time to read this.   


1.Clothes For The Next Day


If you feel comfortable having coffee the morning after your wedding in gown or tuxedo, by all means forget about this. But chances are you don’t so make sure your bags are packed ahead of time to avoid having to make do with bathrobes or having to pay someone to shop for you early in the morning. 


2.Safety Pins


A lot of safety pins. You’d be surprised with how much wardrobe malfunctions can happen in one day, especially when that day is your wedding and everything is supposed to be perfect. 




Your big day will feel like it lasted for only a couple of minutes when you reminisce about it. But while it is happening, it actually takes an entire day and could stretch until wee hours. The fresh makeup that was applied on your face won’t be as fresh after a couple of hours, you’ll need to retouch so it’s best to keep your kit on easy access. 


4.Meals For The Vendors


You and your guest aren’t the only ones born with stomach that gets hungry especially in a long day such as weddings. Make sure that each person who worked so hard to make your big day happen gets fed. 


5.Tech Chargers


Gadgets needs chargers when their battery runs low, you know that. But during times like these it’s easy to forget about it and just grab the gadget. Include it in your must-haves to prevent instances where you have to ask around for chargers when you need it.




Okay, this one is probably not as crucial as your marriage license, but you promised you’d have something different for your wedding. So make sure you booked a photobooth early so you can surprise everyone with a fun entertainment aside from the good old band everybody hires in town during weddings.    


7.Passport And Identification


You don’t magically get transported to your honeymoon destination. You will have to travel like normal people, and for that you will need passport and identification. Unless you wanna be held at the airport for expired ID card or miss your flight altogether because you forgot your passport, then get these settled a month before.  


8.Pamper party for the bride

Every bride from time to time needs a break, because let's face it a weddings are probably one of the most stressful times a woman can go through. A stressful woman is something no one should have to face, trust me it's terrifying, so for everyone's sake, give the girl a break! Visit Glo pamper to get the ball going.




These days, favors are no longer as necessary. However, it’s something that your guest, who took the time to attend your wedding and celebrate with you, will really appreciate. So you might still wanna consider it.


10.         Your Cool


A lot of mishaps could happen no matter how you plan the day, but it will not help if you start freaking out. Keep your cool, a broken shoe or slightly different flowers than you registered for shouldn’t ruin one of the most important day in your life.












Choosing Your Stag Do Transport

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The stag do is an important event for the groom-to-be. It is the ritual of saying goodbye to being a bachelor. It is typically a night full of laughter and crazy antics.

If you are planning to travel to another city for a stag do weekend, you need to pick the right type of transportation system for you and your friends. Here are some of the things that you should consider when choosing the right stag do transport:

1.   Distance

You have to consider the distance. How far is your destination? How long should you travel? You also need to consider the time that you and your friends have allotted for the travel and the party. Do you have time to go on a road trip for hours or even days? Would you prefer to take the plane instead because you do not have time to spend a couple of hours (or more) on the road?

2.   Budget

If you have budget constraints, you may have to go for the cheapest option. However, you can ask your friends to chip in so you can at least travel in comfort, even if the trip will be long.

3.   Preference and activities

 You need to consider the number of activities that are lined up for your stag do weekend in choosing the right transport system for you. Would you prefer to use a limousine for your club-hopping activities? Or do you want to hire a huge van or a bus for your hiking weekend?

In arranging your stag do weekend, you have to consider:

    The transport system that will bring you to the actual location.

    The transport system that will get you to and from the stag do activities.

     The transport system that will be on standby in case of emergencies and errands (e.g. a quick run to the convenience store for more beer or chips, etc.).

Here are some of the modes of transportation that you can try:

     You can drive. If you decide to drive, you have to choose the most efficient route.

  You can hire a luxury minibus.

     You can go for a coach hire.

      You can hire a limousine. This is the best choice if you want to party in style.

       You can also take the train.

   You may need to take the ferry for some destinations.

       You can also use a taxi to travel around all evening.

       You may opt to fly instead, especially if you are travelling to another state.

It is important to choose the type of transport that is both comfortable and affordable. And remember, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy your stag do get-away.

Big Work For Your Big Day!

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One of the much awaited moments of your life is your wedding, which happens only one day but takes months of preparation to make it all possible.  Surprised? Well, if your beau just proposed, after his heart-stopping proposal and when you’re done drooling over that jaw-dropping ring on your finger, be prepared to submerge yourself with all the crazy planning.


When you were still just dreaming about your perfect wedding, everything is probably set on your mind, from the wedding dress down to the tiniest detail. You have it all figured out. But wait till you’re actually living out those plans, it might stun you when you realize how much work it actually entails.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the planning, especially when you’re so caught up with trying to make the “Dream Wedding” happen. To make sure that you don’t stress yourself out, how about you follow this checklist to see that you’re actually getting some job done and covering all necessary part of the wedding, instead of burning too much time on picking different gems for your gown?


Nine Months Before


Start a wedding folder or binder


Plan within your budget


Pick your entourage


Work out the guest list


Hire a planner


Reserve your date and venues


Book your officiant


Start looking for photographers, bands, florist and caterers


Eight Months Before


Hire the photographer and videographer


Book the entertainment


Go see possible caterers


Buy your wedding gown


For out of town guests,reserve a block of hotel rooms.




Seven To Six Months Before


Choose and purchase invitations


Plan your honeymoon


Shop for bridesmaid’s dresses


Meet with the officiant


Start sending the save the date cards


Book your chosen florist


Get the transportation arranged


Five To Four Months Before


Make sure that you booked the rehearsal and rehearsal –dinner venues


See your wedding invitations


Pick and order your wedding cake


Send your guest list to the host of your shower


Buy the shoes and start dress fitting


Schedule hair and make-up artists


Select the music to be played on the day


Three Months Before


Finalize the menus and flowers


Finalize the readings


Finalize the order of the ceremony and the reception


Secure the rings


Send your event schedule to the vendors


Two To One Month Before


Check in with all the vendors and see if everything is according to plan


See and discuss with the photographer


Send out invitations


Enjoy a bachelorette party


Enter RSVPs into your guest list database


Do not forget to secure your marriage license


Mail the rehearsal-dinner invitations


Go to your final dress fitting


E-mail and print directions for drivers of transport vehicles


Assign seating


Week Of The Wedding


Confirm the arrival times of the vendors


Pick up your dress


Check in one last time with the photographer


Prepare checks for the vendors


Pamper yourself before the big day with some spa treatments


Make sure the caterer and all venues hosting your wedding-related events has the final guest list


Pack for your honeymoon


How Photo Booths Add More Fun To Weddings

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A photo booth is a great way to enhance any special occasion. Renting a photo booth for an event is one of the most popular forms of party entertainment.Capturing spontaneous and informal moments add extra fun to celebrations such as birthdays, corporate events, parties, and weddings.

The photo booth is the latest trend in weddings. It is a great way to up the fun factor in a wedding without spending a fortune. Photo booths are hugely popular in weddings because aside from being an awesome and interesting way of entertaining guests, the instant photographs are a great way for guests to have something tangible to take with them after the event. Photographs are the perfect souvenirs for a very special event such as a wedding.

The long queue for the photo booth at weddings is a very good indication that it is a definite hit with the guests. Photo booths are usually feature-packed with the latest technology and a prop box full of fun accessories. Guests will surely enjoy getting their pictures taken with no hassles. Some people tend to be uncomfortable with photographers, resulting in very staged and unnatural photos. With a photo booth, even the most camera-shy guests will have fun taking pictures.

Plenty of companies offer professional photo booth rental services such as OMG Entertainments. A quick search on the Internet will show results of companies promising great value for money, innovative ideas, and advanced technology. User reviews and testimonials, as well as social media, are great ways to determine which company offers the best photo booth value and experience.

Photo booth services should be committed to providing quality with every step of the process. This includes setting the date and location of the event, assisting with choosing the design and layout of photos, customizing the booth to accommodate specific needs, and friendly assistance by a professional staff during the event to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Photo booth rental services usually range from two to six hours and offer other features such as professional studio lighting for the booth, themed booths, wind machines, and other accessories, and unlimited copies of guests’ photos.

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